Sand Star

Australia, January 2015.

Little star on the sand, Will you drown when water covers the land? If you want to be dried, Look to the sky and beware the tide!

High Light

Tasmania, Australia, January 2015.

This is probably the tallest lighthouse we have visited in Australia as most of them stand barely taller than a cottage. Getting to it was difficult though: after driving slowly on dirt roads for what seemed like an eternity, we arrived and the rain began pouring. Wet and disgusted by the awful weather, we made our way back to the car, then the rain stopped! We walked back to the lighthouse and our perseverance was rewarded with this picture.

Coffee Break

Sa Pa, Vietnam. May 2013.

After a walk in the Vietnamese mountains, there is nothing to recharge your energy like Vietnamese coffee. This was my first encounter with this type of coffee and I became hooked! Too bad that brand is very hard to find outside of Vietnam...

The Way Ahead

Chengdu, China. May 2008.

What lies ahead? This alley in Qingyang temple is like the maze of our lives: we can only see a bit further, but we can't predict the future. And this being in China, there might be dragons after that corner...

Koala Cuteness

Kennett River, Australia, January 2015.

What is cuter than a koala? Well, two koalas! We were so happy to be able to spot this young koala with its mother just when they broke from their sleep to have lunch. The young joey started climbing around alone to find its own food. Thanks for the show guys!

Gracious Wave

Tasmania, Australia, January 2015

In a magnificent ballet, the wave comes to crush and die graciously against the coast. One can spent hours looking at them and at much at trying to get the right shot to catch them!

Star of the Night

S.E.A. Aquarium, Singapore, November 2014.

Hanging out on a rock, this starfish is enjoying the view of dozens of visitors passing by. Or is it us enjoying its beauty and staring in the permanent half-night of the aquarium?

Golden Landing

Paris, France, April 2011.

A golden Pegasus graciously lands on the roof of the Great Palace in the afternoon sun. Is this the antique version of drone parcel delivery?

Floating Jelly

S.E.A. Aquarium, Singapore, November 2014.

It is amazing how fascinating those organisms can be. Basically, they just go down, and up, and down... One can spend long minutes or even hours just looking at their hypnotizing dance.

Cloud and Sky Symphony

Sydney, Australia, January 2015

We were lucky to have a few hours of sun in Sydney, just long enough to play hide and seek with the architectural signature of the city. Since more than 50 years is Sydney Opera the trademark of the city.