Morning Ray

Borobudur, Indonesia, July 2014

The sunrise is magic moment in the ruin of Buddhist temple of Borobudur. It mixes an incredible light with a view on the near by volcano as well as an architecture willing to play with the sun rays.

Wood Refuge

Launceston Cataract Gorge Reserve, Tasmania, Australia, January 2015

Wood is a refuge for many different life forms. This little lizard has found his place!

Art and Science

Art Science Museum, Singapore, May 2013

View of the Art Science Museum and Marina Bay from the Helix Bridge.

How dare you?

Brisbane, January 2015.

Excuse us Mr. Owl we are fans of your kind. Can we disturb you to have an autograph?

And with this look one usually can't! This young burrow owl and its sibling were hidden in a tree of Brisbane Lone Pine Sanctuary, resting during the day, when we came to observe it. When it turn to give this look none can held a shiver down the spine!

Sorry Mr. Owl, but thanks a lot for the shot!

Kyoto's Lanterns

Kyoto, Japan, April 2014.

Dancing in the wind, lanterns in temples remind visitors of the generous donors that allow temples to survive.

Sombrero Fishing

Gard, France, July 2005.

Laziness of summer in the south of France is the perfect mood to try catching the mischievous fishes of the river, and the light of the endless sunset. The latter with much better success.

Paddy Grazer

Between Hue and Hoi An, Vietnam, May 2013.

Alone and like lost in this small patch of land in the middle of water, this buffalo seemed to follow the way to something new. Grass probably seems always greener on the other side of the pond.

Dialogue with a Spirit

Chengdu, China, May 2008.

What could an old lady and a dragon statue in a Chinese temple talk about? Oh many, many things!

Fairy Tale Castle

Budapest, Hungary, May 2011.

At the end of the day, towers of Budapest castle drape themselves in a fairy tale's light.


Kyoto, Japan, April 2014.

In spring, when sakura are blooming, inhabitants of Kyoto enjoy dressing traditionally with kimono. It is the occasion for photo shooting in temples, providing the door is open...