A little pinch?

Penang, Malaysia, October 2013.

At low tide, it's meal time for all the crabs in the harbour. That sand surely is salty enough, isn't it?

Moonlight over Ghim Moh Road

Singapore, February 2014.

In the cold, dark night, a gloomy moon rises over Dracula's castle...

Hmm no scratch that!

In the hot, moist night, a gloomy moon rises over towers of Ghim Moh.

Stony Presence

Metéora, Greece, May 2007.

Monks built their monasteries there as eagle nests for a quiet retreat, but they are not alone. Someone was there long before them... and still is.

Lament of the Old Tree

Tasmania, Australia, January 2015.

Storm, drought and rain, I weathered them all. Alone in endless pain, I wait for my downfall.

Cloud Sailing

San Francisco, June 2013.

Come with me old ship. Remember an old trip. Let go of your anchor, here you are a captor! Forget the crowds, and sail in the clouds.

Fairies' Mouth

Munich, May 2015.

A verdant thicket, a fresh river and a little pool... Wouldn't you bet fairies come out of those trees for a swim when no one is looking?

Mega Banana in Suspension

Singapore, May 2013.

Is it a giant banana? a boat floating in the air? both? We will let you speculate. The Marina Bay Sands building's shape is already interesting from far away, but it is most impressive when you are close.

Temple Goat

Chengdu, China, May 2008.

Statues in Chinese temples are meant to be rubbed! Depending on which body part you rub, the benefits are different: health, luck, wealth, prosperity, fertility, passing exams and so on. In the end, the habit gave this goat nice highlights.

Ghost of Saint Paul

London, October 2007.

While walking past St. Paul's Cathedral one evening, we noticed the strong night lighting of its façade. The lights give the cathedral unnatural shadows and a sort of ghostly look that you wouldn't see during the day.


Singapore, February 2012.

Life in captivity might be easier because you don't have to hunt or escape predators, but it's harder on your mind. In the comfort of the great Singapore Zoo, this orang-utan ponders the sense of it all.