Squirrel Monkeys

River Safari, Singapore, May 2014.

Squirrel monkeys playing in their own forest at the River Safari. These little guys won't stop running around in the trees, very hard to snap!

The Gaze of Conscience

Prague, May 2011.

Wander around a theatre in Prague and meet this! It is looking deep inside you with... with what exactly?

Haw Par Villa

Singapore, November 2013.

Singapore offers some quite special curiosities. One of them is Haw Par Villa. A theme park build by the two brothers who founded the company selling Tiger Balm. Beside the fact that it is mainly made of concrete, some of the sculptures have well maintained painting which give very nice colours when the sun is there to brighten them.

Gecko at night

Hoi an, Vietnam, May 2013.

This little gecko has found a sweet spot where mosquitoes and small night insects must be swarming at night. Everything is ready for the feast to begin!

Roof Naga

Phnom Penh, Cambodia, October 2012.

The legend says Cambodian people are born from the Naga. This particular pair is decorating the roof of Wat Ounalom in Phnom Penh.


Cheng Du, China, May 2008.

Serenity and grace emanate from this ceramic dancer. The display in this small tomb museum put it into perspective with a representation of the musicians who might have played for her performance.


Street painting, Penang, October 2013

Penang is a city which displays a lot of artist works on its street walls. This souvenir shop (which only sells owl items!) follows the trend and shows this very cute painting for our eyes' pleasure.

Staring armour on Neue Burg's roof

Hofburg, Vienna, Austria, May 2011.

From the roof of the Hofburg, centuries of European history are looking at you. It is weird to feel the stare of this statue even if it does not represent a person but just pieces of armour.

Athena Pronaia Temple

Athena Pronaia Temple, Delphi, Greece, May 2007.

Greek sunsets are amazing! Now living near the equator, we are missing those never-ending festivals of colours. Going there during the low season also allowed us to enjoy all the ruins alone, letting our imagination go back to very old times of cultural prosperity.