Emei Shan

Emei Shan, China, May 2008.

Lost in the mist, this pagoda atop Emei Shan seems to be on the verge of falling in the precipice. Let's hope that, as in the legend, it will know how to stride on the clouds and fly to heaven.

Sakura Sunset

Kyoto, Japan, April 2014.

We just caught the middle of the beautiful cherry blossoms season in Kyoto. These are already falling down, but just like the Sun who will rise again tomorrow, sakura flowers will be back next year.

Alone in Halong

Halong Bay, Vietnam, May 2013.

Cruising Halong Bay is hardly an experience in loneliness, the sea is swarming with tourist junks. Thus this small isolated boat caught our attention. Maybe there is a fisherman sleeping inside...

Body and Soul

Angkor, Cambodia, October 2012.

Found in the middle of Preah Khan Temple, this small statue still radiates tranquillity. Its soul fills the half-collapsed room like an island of quietness and peace.

The Thinker

Singapore, February 2012.

How many humans are there in this bus? twenty? Are they enjoying watching me? They will be here again tomorrow... Why are they doing this?

Nuclear Explosion Sunset

Koh Chang, Thailand, October 2003.

I love when the clouds play with the light. Is it a sunset or a nuclear bomb explosion?

Big Blue for Big Ben

London, England, October 2007.

Seen from the bridge, that famous clock tower stands like a rocket ready to blast off in the big blue sky.

Barbary Fig Tree

Nafplio, Greece, May 2007.

Those cactus were a frequent sight in Greece and the golden light of a setting sun made their flowers even more beautiful. Believe it or not, you can actually eat those fruits, if you manage to get past the nasty spikes.

Balinese Ganesh

Bali island, Indonesia, February 2014.

The way to Besakih temple is at first lined with sarong vendors. Once we went past them climbing the quiet slope, we found this statue of Ganesh at the entrance of a house. This deity is a rare sight in Bali, where people have their own version of the Hindu pantheon.

Morning Fuji

Mount Fuji, Japan, April 2014.

One freezing morning of April. We gathered our courage to wake up to see the 5am sunrise on mount Fuji. Around Yamanaka Lake, a few small boats are spending the freezing night out on the beach waiting for the morning rays to warm them up.