Serenity in ChengDe Summer Palace

Serenity in ChengDe Summer Palace, China, 2004

Most people know Beijing's Summer Palace, but a few hours of train away lies ChengDe's Summer Palace, which is at least as beautiful as the capital's and quieter. At the end of a zig-zag bridge to prevent ghosts from reaching it, this exquisite pavilion with its carved window frame offers calm and a wonderful view to rest from the hectic life of Chinese cities.

Wild geese tandem

Wild geese tandem, Salisbury, England, 2009

On a walk in Salisbury, we were lucky enough to see the beautiful ballet of those two geese in the late afternoon sun. Should we take example on their coordination in our daily team work?

Side gate of Exeter Cathedral

Exeter Cathedral, England. May 2009.

England abounds monumental cathedral, we enjoyed plenty during our trip. We tried as much as possible to catch not-so-common point of view like here the side door which are also offering hidden art treasures.

Wild geese flock with a strange leader

Christian Moullec and his wild geese friends, Bex air show 2007, Switzerland.

It was a truly amazing show to see Christian being part of this flock of geese and leading them at Bex. He has used the geese to his presence in an ultralight aircraft and can now accompany then on their migratory route.

Sunset in Santorini

Beautiful sunset on Santorini's caldera, Greece. May 2007.

The setting sun set the typical white house ablaze to give a striking colored view on the volcanic island.

Our hope to have nice sunsets with numeric photography are not completely gone :)

You shall not pass, little one!

Wat Po guardian, Bangkok, Thailand. Argentic photography. October 2003.

Looking down at you from their colossal size, the guardians of the temple made a strong impression on us with their eyes, seemingly directed straight at ours. Maybe we are the exact size of the average Thaï vassals... :)

Sa Pa, a long walk

Black Hmong woman in the Sa Pa valley, Vietnam. May 2013.

Walking in the middle of rice paddies near Sapa offers an incredible view of the valley with its cloud sea. Black Hmong people are used to go up and down the valley in the very narrow, muddy and steep ways between the paddies.

Kollwitz's Pieta, Berlin

Kollwitz's Pieta, Berlin, Germany. May 2011.

This sculpture conveys a strong emotion, in perfect harmony with the long and sometimes sad history of Berlin. Moreover, its situation inside a hall with a light well allows the light to change during the day, making it different each time you look at it, or let you feel it is under a starry sky, at noon.

Blue bindweed

Blue bindweed, Sapa, Vietnam. May 2013.

We crossed the way of those bindweeds during a short hike in the surroundings of Sapa. We thus discovered that bindweed exist also in blue (not only the white or rose version we usually see in Europe). The colours were so nice that it is almost like a small firefly lost its way in them!