Race in the Valley

Mount Pilatus, Switzerland, July 2015.

Are these paragliders playing with the birds or are the birds playing with the paragliders?


Zürich, Switzerland, August 2018.

One more example of animals turning their backs to our camera, but for once, it looks good.

Land of Giants

Preikestolen, Norway, May 2018.

With such high mountains and deep fjords only giants can move around this land easily.

Hyperactive Monkey

Zürich, Switzerland, August 2018.

These little fellows just won't stop moving! It's a miracle one stopped for more than a second for the camera.

Street Art

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June 2018.

No, sticking chewing gum on the floor is not art. Mosaic is art, however.

Ice River

Switzerland, February 2018.

That day was so cold I expected the small river to be frozen. It wasn't, so I froze it with the camera.

Over the Sea

Isle of Skye, Scotland, May 2016.

I wonder whether they think the grass is greener across the sea...