Long, Green, Friend?

Switzerland, August 2018.

We doubt this one was really our friend, because it kept eating our plants. But at least it looked nice.


Folkestad, Norway, May 2018.

Where are you aiming your jump? at the fjord, the sky or the opposite mountain?

Gulf of History

Nafplio, Greece, May 2007.

Greek, Byzantine, Venetian, Ottoman, then Greek again, Nafplio traveled through many different styles and ages.

Misty Dawn

Borobudur, Indonesia, July 2014.

The old stones await the first rays, while the valley below still sleeps.

Sky Shadows

Grums, Sweden, May 2018.

A fleeting moment over the lake: a standing silhouette and a passing shadow.

Dark Treasure

Cawdor Castle, Scotland, May 2016.

What treasure do these petals hold? Maybe the morning dew knows...