Modern Icarus

Bex, Switzerland, September 2007.

He probably did not reach the Sun, but at least had a smooth descent back to Earth.

Behind the Window

Lausanne, Switzerland, September 2010.

Who sits safely behind a glass panel, the snake or the human?

Vantage Point

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore, July 2013.

In the urban jungle, altitude counts.

Too Early to Eat

Chengdu, China, May 2008.

It hard to say whether he is napping before a meal or just after one... probably both.

A Narrow Path for Your Mind

Stora Dyrön, Sweden, May 2018.

Take a deep breath and hold your mind just long enough to get through without thinking about everything that can go wrong.

Meeting at Dusk

Stora Dyrön, Sweden, May 2018.

For hours, we observed every crag of the rocky island to spot mouflon sheep. Then, nearly at the end of our hike, here they were! Three males stood on a ledge right ahead of us just across a small valley.

Looking Ahead

Stendörren Naturreservat, Sweden, May 2018.

The horizon is right here within reach. Nature beckons.