Golden Hair

Loch Achray, Scotland, May 2016.

Here it is in the sun: the Goldilocks of cows.

Hidden Dragon

Shanghai, China, September 2005.

So, we have found the hidden dragon! Now where is the crouching tiger?

Missing Music

Salzburg, Austria, March 2016.

Neatly aligned alleys, geometric flowers and a nice view, then why is no one dancing?

Cherry Hideout

Kyoto, Japan, April 2014.

In a place far far away, lies a magically hidden pavilion. It only shows itself when the cherry trees are blossoming.

Hot Squirrel

Singapore, February 2012.

Living under a hot and humid climate, this squirrel left superfluous fur in the changing room.

Snake on the Hills

Simatai, China, October 2004.

Snaking its way on the crests, the Great Wall attempts to draw an ancient limit between civilised society and barbarians.

Fiery Mist

Lake Yamanaka, Japan, April 2014.

The early morning sun sets the mist on fire.

Wild Chase

Spøttrup, Denmark, May 2017.

We rarely see swans in flight, these two were having a hard time taking off.