Foggy Bridge

Nyborg, Denmark, May 2017.

It seems those houses got the largest access road ever built for them.

Sea of Clouds

Mollendruz, Switzerland, January 2012.

If you feel gloomy under the clouds, try climbing a few hundred meters to get above them. The view is certainly better up there.

Colourful Day

Copenhagen, Denmark, May 2017.

Where would you be in this street? On the boat tour, strolling on the quay or sitting at a café?


Mey, Scotland, May 2016.

Hmm these three don't look quite right... I bet they are disguised Sheepodroid invaders, I can smell it from here! Let's quickly call the droid catchers while they're busy staring at this human.

Small Gods

Hanoi, Vietnam, May 2013.

In the Temple of the Jade Mountain, we stumbled upon the tiniest frogs we've ever seen. So tiny they could be gods.

Reaching The Top, But Slowly

Møns, Denmark, May 2017.

You work hard all your life to reach the top, painstakingly inching your way upward, but when you finally make it, death swoops in and eats you. Such is life.

Dancing in the Sky

Rome, Italy, September 2017.

Lucy, is that you up there? Lucy, get back down! There are no more diamonds up there!

Flowery Embrace

Matsumoto, Japan, April 2014.

A sakura's delicate embrace helps the castle to a good night.

Feathery Encounter

Møns, Denmark, May 2017.

The evening was quiet and pleasant, almost warm. A pheasant ran across the road in front of our car and into the field. We spent the next instants frantically trying to shoot the beast (with the camera, of course) before it would inevitably make good its escape.