Two Lights

Rome, Italy, September 2017.

As the great light in the sky fades, faith takes over for the night.

White Wedge

Møns, Denmark, May 2017.

Stone is solid, isn't it? Well... not quite when there is water lapping at it night and day for ages. The blue element will eventually win over the white one.

Still Standing

Rome, Italy, September 2017.

Like a cliff standing against the sea, the Flavian Amphitheatre still stands against the daily tide of visitors.

Nom Nom Nom

Chendgu, China, May 2008.

Eat lots of bamboo and sleep, all the while being taken care of by the most attentive staff, isn't that happiness?

After the Wind

Mykonos, Greece, May 2007.

Windmills always seem to become famous once they have stopped operating. Will we visit our old wind power farms in a few centuries?

Magic Mushrooms

Møns, Denmark, May 2017.

Do they burst in a cloud of fairy dust? Will they grow bigger than us? Leave them alone we must.

Stone from the Sky

Orkney Islands, Scotland, May 2016.

Stuck in the ground like a shard of a giant sword, remnant of a titanic conflict aeons ago.

Fur Fashion

Mey, Scotland, May 2016.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are delighted to present, in an exclusive world première, the latest in cow fashion! This year marks the amazing comeback of so-called "full brown" designs with a sober and delicate touch of white. Of course, these marvellous outfits would not be complete without a set of mismatched earrings, an all-time crowd favourite.

Floating Volcano

Borobudur, Indonesia, July 2014.

Don't you feel the powerful serenity emanating from this temple? A nearby volcano embraced it so much that it sits on its own little cloud.