From Flour to Electricity

Mandø, Denmark, May 2017.

There was a time when bread was the most important thing to people and windmills dotted the country. Nowadays, electricity is more important and wind turbines have replaced windmills.

Heavenly Pillar

Temple of Heaven, China, September 2005.

Clouds and dragon dance around the pillar oh so round. The dragon turned so much that his own tail he clutched.

Byzantine Church

Meteora, Greece, May 2007.

This church looks just as intricate as Byzantine politics with its multiple roofs and traces of upgrades.

The Rainbow's True Treasure

Duncansby Head, Scotland, May 2016.

The sheep may not care but we've actually gone and checked the base of this rainbow. There was no gold, the wonderful view was the real treasure.

Freezing on a Tree

Switzerland, January 2017.

The air is crisp dry and everything around is frosted, expect for a few birds catching a thawing ray of sun.

Old Wall

Simatai, China, October 2004.

An impressive view is the reward for climbing those steep stairs, but what is the reward for the arduous descent back?

The Sky is the Limit

Bossonnens, Switzerland, December 2013.

On a cold December day, layers upon layers of clouds rolled over the countryside to the lake below.

Time to Fly

Mandø Island, Denmark, May 2017.

Is it already time for the great voyage? No, there are just two passers-by disturbing us.