Klitmøller, Denmark, May 2017.

Are you standing in the stable centre or are you living on the edge?

The Good Queen

Ribe, Denmark, May 2017.

Keep watch over the horizon for us, oh good Queen Dagmar! Lest our city be flooded again.

Do Not Play

Castle of Old Wick, Scotland, May 2016.

Are you equipped with wings? If not, stay clear of the cliff even if the seagulls invite you to play.


S.E.A. Aquarium, Singapore, November 2014.

This shark may not be the largest around, but we were nevertheless happy that the aquarium walls were built with the thickest possible glass.

Many Wet Ways

Loch Dughaill, Scotland, May 2016.

Is this landscape really as open at it seems to be? It is a marsh after all and there is only one dry, marked path.

Naturally Stranded

Lake Yamanaka, Japan, April 2014.

This stranded ship has already begun to turn into a wildlife reserve: one bird elected it as perch.

Bull Tree

Blair Castle, Scotland, May 2016.

Highland cattle don't grow on trees, but these look like they just dropped from a branch.

White Beam across the Big Blue

Norah Head, Australia, January 2015.

Last staffed lighthouse to be built in New South Wales, completed in 1903, Norah Head's lighthouse also appears to be the highest among the ones we have seen.

Sheep Ate My Forest

Isle of Skye, Scotland, May 2016.

To make room for sheep pastures, Scotland's forests were cut down almost to the last tree. Now only lush green grasslands dotted with white spots remain.

Blushing Mount

Lake Yamanaka, Japan, April 2014.

It seems mount Fuji is quite a shy mountain: it often hides in the clouds and when the latter go away, it blushes at being exposed.