Bourtzi Fortress

Bourtzi Fortress, Nafplio, Greece

While climbing up to the Palamidi fort, the Bourtzi fortress peeked at us trough the wall.

Moni Varlaam, on the rocks

Moni Varlaam, Meteora, Greece. May 2007.

Perched high up on a rock Moni Varlaam is one of the many monasteries in the surrounding of Meteora. The astonishing geological formation offered the 16th century monks an improbable but phenomenal spot to built their monastery, withdraw from this impermanent world and get closer to heaven.

Hong Kong bay at dusk

Hong Kong bay view from the Peak, Hong Kong Island, China. February 2006.

The view from the Peak is always breath taking. But at sunset with a little mist, light is changing very fast, displaying a parade of colours.

Wall tiles in the Forbidden City

Wall ceramic tiles in the Forbidden City, Beijing, China. Argentic photography. October 2004.

In a long empty corridor, between two red-painted high walls, this isolated decoration caught our eye as not only bright but also finely detailed. Many treasures of the Forbidden City have been taken away but happily the walls can't be removed.

Snail on the beach

Snail on the beach, Bintan, Indonesia. February 2012.

We were surprised by the encounter of this unusually (for us!) big and colourful snail on a beach in Bintan. We seemed to have stopped it in the middle of its run, but hope he finally reached its unknown goal.

Sunset at Athena Pronaia Temple, Delphi

Sunset at Athena Pronaia Temple, Delphi, Greece. May 2007.

Delphi is full of antic stones, which can revive the memories of ancient glory. Not only reliving the visitors from the unbearable heat, the long sunset offers wonderful colours and lighting effects to add beauty to the place.

Smile in Bayon Temple

One of the 216 smiling face of Jayavarman VII in Bayon temple, Angkor Wat. October 2012.

In this Khmer temple of Angkor Wat, a serene king has its eyes and smile on you wherever you are!

The Great Wall at Simatai

View of the Great Wall of China in Simatai (司马台). Argentic photography. October 2004.

Going back in 2004, this spot was not so crammed with tourists, giving a very grand impression of the Great Wall in a more "original" state than other, heavily renovated sites, can offer. Viewing it through on of the small windows gives it a natural assorted frame. Someone loves this technique, you will see later. :)

Calligraphy in Chengdu

Calligraphy in WenShu Temple, Chengdu, China. May 2008.

I remember when I took this picture in a temple during our trip to Chengdu. I was struck by the quietness of the place and at the same time by the feeling that someone was just there, leaving a sensation of "presence".