Spring Workers

Switzerland, March 2017.

Spring has begun and our wild bees have just hatched! The first ones are out exploring the surroundings, let's hope they find flowers to their liking.

Checkered Tiles

Belgrade, Serbia, January 2017.

The market hall in Belgrade's centre has a nicely coloured tiled roof and really stands out among the surrounding buildings.

The Moon Seller

Belgrade, Serbia, January 2017.

Quarter moons, half moons, full moons, she has them all. Just be sure to remove the seeds in the middle.


Belgrade, Serbia, January 2017.

We love visiting markets as it always is a colourful experience and there are new products to discover every time! In this case, preserves from all sorts of pepperonis and chillies. Note the reuse of containers, that is even better than recycling.

Train Through Time

Lavaux, Switzerland, September 2015.

Running through centuries-old terrace vineyards, themselves build on millennia-old mountains, this electric train traverses several epochs of our history in a short trip.

Light Up the Day

Hunter Valley, Australia, January 2015.

The ground is still cold, the sky is warming up, another day is coming. Are you prepared?

Rowing to the City

Melbourne, Australia, January 2015.

The atmosphere in southern Australia is so relaxed that you can go to work in the business district on a small rowing boat.

Tightrope Rider

Mount Pilatus, Switzerland, July 2015.

Do you prefer riding up the mountain or down? Whichever the direction, only the cable car itself does not get vertigo.

Bathing Wood

Drumvaich, Scotland, May 2016.

Hanging out by the stream, those trees are like people dipping their toes in the water and sunbathing.

Little Temple Reds

Bali, Indonesia, February 2014.

These marvellous flowers were everywhere on the island, among trees or in temple offerings. The uncut ones provided a particularly fascinating sight.