Stone Calm

Siem Reap, Cambodia, October 2012.

How can you stay so calm and serene while riding atop a furious monster surrounded by flames? I wonder how he manages it.

Hiding in Plain Light

Sydney, Australia, January 2015.

We cannot see it from there, but I would bet seagulls nest on top those street lamps.

Cow's Eye

Mey, Scotland, May 2016.

We don't often look closely at cows, but this one seemed to be winking at us so much that we stopped to stare.

Black Duck

Pfäffikon, Switzerland, March 2016.

Half black or half white duck? The lake says: gray!

Hold my Hand

Louvre museum, Paris, September 2015.

Take my hand, Hold my hand, Let us leave the land.

By the Sea?

Dunbeath, Scotland, May 2016.

Residents of this castle certainly enjoy an awesome view of the sea, but how do they get down to the beach?

Top Dwellers

Pfäffikon, Switzerland, March 2016.

Our local couple of white storks which we are happy to see every spring. Both parents equally share the work of incubating the eggs and feeding their young, taking turns for both. Is that an example for our society?

Loch Grazing

Loch Achray, Scotland, May 2016.

A hairy cow peacefully grazing, an epitome of Scottish sights.

Facing the Light

Singapore Night Festival, Singapore, August 2014.

At first we thought the trees were just lit with fancy lights. Walking a bit further, we saw the faces and were immediately hooked! This mixture of quiet Buddhas and green trees, some broken off, reminded us of temples in the jungle with statues invaded by trees.

Back to Light

Louvre museum, Paris, September 2015.

Turning his back to the light, this Roman statue exposes his strength but hides his shy face.