Blown by the Light

Dunning, Scotland, May 2016.

The solar winds were so strong that evening that trees were bending away from the sun.

Sleeping Giants

Mount Pilatus, Switzerland, July 2015.

One side warms up in the morning, the other in the evening. Then, the stone giant goes to sleep, one more night, for aeons.

Couch Seal

Dunvegan, Scotland, May 2016.

A ray of sun, a full belly and a bed of algae, isn't that a nice day by the sea?

A Sea on the Lake

Lavaux, Switzerland, February 2016.

Don't jump into this soft-looking sea of clouds, there is a cold lake below.

Casualties of War

Tasmania, Australia, January 2015.

Explosions, searing pain! Then darkness... Slowly nature recovers.

Clear Bridge

San Francisco, USA, September 2012.

A marvellous bridge to another land! Is there a blue house on the other side?

Nature Will Care

Stirling, Scotland, May 2016.

For some, resting places are important and should be tended. But the caretaker is sometimes not the one we expect.

Look Together

Exeter, England, May 2009.

On a branch perched three birds, All aligned without shepherds. No guide nor organisation, But aligned to the same vision.

Quiet Green

Emei Shan, China, May 2008.

A waterfall and a pool, a small pavilion, lots of vegetation... What else would you need to meditate? (A stick to keep the monkeys away!)

The Not-So-Eternal Sunset Admirer

Somewhere along the Great Ocean Road, Australia, January 2015.

How many sunsets has this stone pillar seen? How many more will he before collapsing in the waves?