Flying Fleet

S.E.A. Aquarium, Singapore, November 2014.

We don't often see ships from below and these are no space ships. Thus this reproduction of Zheng He's massive fleet becomes even more impressive.

Take off

Isle of Skye, Scotland, May 2016.

A long time ago, somebody invented walking on water. Today, in a hurry, a duck outdone it by running on water.

Light in the Mist

Sydney, Australia, January 2015.

Here are united all the components of our best pictures: a boat, a wave, a nice lighthouse and crappy weather. Incidentally, the weather makes the memory of the moment even better.

Chef d'oeuvre

Louvre museum, Paris, September 2015.

Sometimes what people do around works of art is more interesting that the work itself.

Trees Cemetery

Tasmania, Australia, January 2015.

Where do trees go to die? Here apparently, where they will stay until their trunk crumbles.

Voice in the Dark

Lausanne, Switzerland, September 2015.

Do you hear the voice in the dark, Wailing alone in the park? It is all that remains after the spark.

Weeping Sun

Singapore Night Festival, Singapore, August 2014.

Sunflowers trapped behind a window, weep in despair longing for the real sun.

How Many Eyes?

Kerzers, Switzerland, September 2010.

A photographer has three eyes, a butterfly has even more.

A fountain, a shadow, a secret

Salzburg, Austria, March 2016.

A strange fountain, a turtle and a shadowy observer... what could this device be? Our bets are on a ancient water-powered rocket prototype.