We're Watching You

Hoi An, Vietnam, May 2012.

Why do people paint eyes on their boats? That question followed us in our travels and, depending on who you ask, the answer is always different.

Let's Stay a Bit Longer

Mount Pilatus, Switzerland, July 2015.

The evening sun seemed to be holding onto the side of the mountain, as if he did not want to fall down below the clouds.

So busy! So quiet!

Haw Par Villa, Singapore, November 2013.

Walking in the gardens on a quiet hill, the calmness emanating from this Buddha statue and the surrounding forest formed a perfect oxymoron with the shipping port below, all built up and bustling with activity.

The Little Skeleton in the Cupboard

Zug, Switzerland, July 2015.

- Hey let's visit that old castle! - Are you crazy? It's past midnight! - Don't worry, it's well lit. - Yeah, that skeleton is well lit too! - What skeleton? Hey! Did it just move? - Well yeah, look at the date. It's the only day in the year he can move.

Owl Tree

Tasmania, Australia, January 2015.

What can hide in an old hollow tree? A bear? A wolf? Or maybe an owl?

Evening Shower

Marina Bay, Singapore, May 2013.

The fountain below the Art Science Museum is like Singapore's showers in miniature: strong, localized and the sun can shine right next door.

A Tree in the Mist

Zürich, Switzerland, October 2014.

One autumn morning in the countryside around the city of Zürich, we encountered a tree that literally tried to hide a whole forest behind a smoke screen. That might have worked if the wind didn't blow away the mist! It's plan having been foiled, our tree took on a really interesting red tint, as if ashamed of being caught.

Cycling Near the Shy Mount

Lake Yamanaka, Japan, April 2014.

So we were trying to see this mountain, you know... the famous volcano, and it would absolutely refuse to come out of the clouds that day. We went all around the lake to find a spot where we could see it, but to no avail.

Sailing Around The Bay

Hong Kong, China, May 2008.

Among the modern cruise boats, cargoes and ferries, this old Chinese junk struck our eyes as the only sailing boat in the bay. Maybe, around dim sum time, you can spot it there yourself too.

Here Comes the Sun

Fehraltorf, Switzerland, August 2015.

On a sunny day, All your troubles go away. On a sunny day, Sunflowers know, Where to go!