Lights Guide You

Kyoto, Japan, April 2014.

Even if today electricity has replaced candles in lanterns, they still remind me of small kami showing you the way when night falls.


Phnom Penh, Cambodia, October 2012.

In the Royal palace of Phnom Penh, big pools contain water lilies. This one was facing the sunset, like to tan a bit more for the last moment of daylight and also proudly showing its beautiful colours.

Paddies Worker

Between Hue and Hoi An, Vietnam, May 2013.

Rice paddies are a very common sight in Vietnam. However, engines are much rarer, most of the work is done by men, women and buffaloes.


Exeter, England, May 2009.

An old medieval house in south-west England at sunset. Have you noticed the windows are not straight?

Mind Your Step

Qingyang temple, Chengdu, China, May 2008.

We happened to be in this Taoist temple when there was a procession going on. Fortunately, none of the long-robed participants stumbled on the high doorstep.

Sleeping Buddha

Kyoto, Japan, April 2014.

This serene Buddha perfectly reflects the atmosphere of the small temple courtyard it is facing.

Balinese Stars

Bali, Indonesia, February 2014.

Singapore has so much light pollution that you can't see the stars at night. We took the opportunity of being in Bali to gaze at the night sky.

Toucan's Tree

Kerzers, Switzerland, September 2010.

Our first encounter with a toucan, very far from its natural habitat.

Sky on the Rock

Avebury, England, May 2009.

We don't exactly know the meaning of stone circles, likewise each stone can have different shapes. Is this one a nose or a rabbit?

The Little Door Guard

Exeter, England, May 2009.

Cats are so good at ignoring you, we can't really call this an encounter. This one takes door guarding seriously, maybe it is waiting for the milkman?